Recycling proccess and Fees

Recycling Media with AMVAC

AMVAC charges a competitive fee for the recycling of the media material but many other items are recycled at no charge.

    Fees to recycle media are based on the weight of the products to be recycled.

Up to 25 pounds of material costs $9.95. Additional weight over 25 pounds will cost $0.35 per pound.

American Military Veterans Assistance corporation 


                                                              104 Gratiot St. Suite 100, St. Louis, Missouri 63102

AMVAC recycles VHS tapes, CD’s, DVDs, Blu-rays and the majority of the plastic storage cases for these tapes and discs. AMVAC is unable to recycle the white vinyl (Disney-style) VHS cases. AMVAC is able to recycle other electronics in addition to the VHS media.


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